Saturday, July 12, 2014

Toes in the Sand

There is nothing better than feeling sand and saltwater between my toes!  What makes this feeling even better is when I look down at my toes in the sand and see them freshly painted with my new “Bikini So Tiny” Essie nail polish!  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.  The sun, sand, and water make it a challenge to keep my nails looking flip-flop ready, and quite frankly, its embarrassing!

I don’t have a lot of money to get my nails done at the salon, so often when I do get my nails done, I go with my mom and she treats.  Because I don’t live with my mom, this doesn’t happen as often as I would like so I take it upon myself to paint my own nails.  I am sure this is very true among many girls my age so I figured I needed to share this with all of my readers.
Like I mentioned above, my favorite new color to paint my nails has been “Bikini So Tiny” by Essie, but I’ve also fallen in love with “Mint Candy Apple.”  During the summer time I enjoy painting my nails bright neon colors such as hot pink, bright orange, or yellow.  So far this summer I have been much in love with Essie’s blue colors, but in all honesty, all their colors make me weak.  Picking out a color becomes the hardest decision of my life when I am standing in front of the nail polish display with only $8 in hand.  I have a huge habit of sampling colors on each finger nail before selecting the best match.  (Caution: be careful about what stores you sample in, I once got yelled at for “spreading nail fungus” at one store I won’t mention.)
Nail Polish
More recently, I have been trying to be more creative with my toe nail polish and try something different from basic solid colors.  This creativeness was sparked when I saw an Instagram post from Goldfish Kiss.  She posted a few pictures of her fabulously painted toes with goldfish on them, and then another one with pineapples.  My first thought was “wow, that looks difficult,” but I was inspired and wanted to try it for myself.  All in all, it is a little hard, but as long as you’re patient it will turn out pretty cool!  Plus, you can get nail art pens that make drawing a little easier!  My first attempt was a solid blue nail polish with teeny-tiny orange goldfish.
Toe Nail Art
Once again, my go-to place for finding inspiration is Pintrest!  By searching “nail art,” I get thousands of pictures, and even tutorials on awesome ways to paint my nails.  Ambre nails have been trending recently and I tried it last week for the first time.  They came out alright but a little more tie-dye than ambre if you ask me.
Ambre Nails

So my fashion forward followers, whether it is a day at the beach or a barefoot blue jean kind of night, I hope these summer nail art ideas help your toes stay looking fabulous without breaking the bank at the salon!  You don’t need to be Picasso to have artsy looking nails, just a little inspiration, and an imagination!

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