Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Perfect Beach Bag

Aloha, my beach-goers!  Today I want to share with all of you some really cute beach totes and clutches I’ve been eyeing lately.  I go to the beach on a weekly basis, and unfortunately I live in an area where we have to pay for parking (so unfair, right?).  This normally means I have to bring my wallet down on the beach with me (which I should be doing no matter what) but sometimes I get concerned about getting sand all in it, as well as with my phone.  The problem is, I throw my phone or wallet into my beach bag along with my snorkel mask and sunscreen, mindlessly forgetting about all the sand and water that gets attracted to them, making me paranoid!  Then I got a little smarter and started putting them into plastic bags.  It doesn’t look very cute, nor is it very environmentally friendly, so recently I have found some alternatives to this madness and I thought I would share it with my Fashion Forward Followers!
My all time favorite beach clutches right now are made by Little Coconut Hawaii!  I came across the brand through an Instagram post from a Hawaii surf shop I follow.  I went straight to their Instagram page and feel in love instantly!  Their clutches come in small, medium and large sizes in a variety of patterns, ranging from $30-65.  Maybe a little pricey but they are totally worth it, and even cute enough for a casual summer night out with the girls.
Little Coconut Hawaii Clutch
Another cute beach bag that I have recently come across is made by Chapman at the Sea.  After doing some research to share this bag with all of you, I found out that they made in Boca Raton, FL where I am current living while I’m in school, and I thought that was really awesome!  What I love about these bags is that they look so beachy and nautical.  They are partially canvas and have a rope handles and they are all sewed together by hand so no two look exactly the same.  With such detail they are also a like pricey at around $100 but they will last a long time and will hold all the things you need for a day at the beach!
Canvas Beach Bags
The last beach clutch that has been on my radar is very similar to Little Coconut Hawaii’s but I needed to share because I am just as obsessed with these bags as I am with those!  They are made by Samudra and while they only come in one size, (10.5” x 13”) they come in a lot more designs than Little Coconut Hawaii’s, and are priced at $65.
Samudra Beach Clutch
I hope that I have introduced to you fashion lovers new ideas for some great beach totes and clutches!  I included links to their websites so head over and check them out.  These bags help me stay organized while keeping my stuff sand free, and I am happy to share them with you!

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