Saturday, July 5, 2014

Over the weekend, my boyfriend gave me a little gift.  He said when he saw this ankle bracelet it reminded him of the ones I use to wear when I first met him, and the days when we would be at the beach from sun up to sun down.  I remember my best friend and I would sit on the beach and watch all the boys surf and skim until our parents could pick us up when they got off work. One of our favorite things to do was make hemp ankle bracelets. We had a ton of them, a few on each ankle!
This thoughtful gift got me thinking about why I don’t wear those hemp anklets anymore and I couldn’t think of any good reason why! So I started to Google and Pintrest some cute new anklets, along with some other ideas for summer accessories.  I came across some really awesome accessories that I thought would be great to share with all my fashion forward followers!
Pura Vida bracelets were the first beach accessory that came to my mind when I started search for great beach friendly accessories.  Pura Vida means “pure life” in Spanish, and is a company that encompasses “enjoying life slowly, celebrating good fortune and not taking anything for granted.”  Their bracelets come in a wide variety of colors with an assortment of beads.  The best part is they even have a charity collection were a percentage of their sales goes to select charities.  I personally love these bracelets because they withstand the wear and tear of the ocean salt, sand and sun, and are easy to take off, and put back on again.  When I use to make my own hemp bracelets, I tied them on, so once they were on, they were on until I wanted to cut it off.  Pura Vida’s are a great, inexpensive way to accessories while you are having fun in the sun!
PuraVida Bracelets
One “accessory” that I see a lot at the beach are tattoos. Tattoos have become very popular and trendy, especially with people my age.  They have always interested me and I have contemplated getting one several times but never made the move.  I have recently come across the best solution and it is called Flash Tats!  They are like removable tattoos we all use to get as kids, but they are for grown-ups! Even better… they are made for the beach!  They only have a handful of designs but they are all really awesome.  The tattoos come in sets, so you are paying about $20 for two to four sheets of tattoos.  Each collection is designed or inspired by different people.  My favorite one is the GoldfishKiss collection designed by Rebekah Steen, my F A V O R I T E blogger, ever.  I have not had the chance to try them out yet but from the pictures and reviews, they probably won’t disappoint.
Flash Tattoos
There are many ways in which you can dress up your beach attire and give yourself a little edge while you enjoy the summer sun, without breaking the bank or destroying your nicer accessories.  Pura Vida and Flash Tats are just the beginning.  Check out your local surf shop for more water proof accessories.  I have added some pictures of my favorite beach accessories and ideas that inspired my beach wardrobe.
Beach Accessories

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