Saturday, July 19, 2014


I don’t know that I have mentioned this to all of my Fashion Forward Followers, or if you all have gotten the idea, but I am a huge bikini buff! I am addicted to buying them, and when I don’t have the money, I am looking at them online.  So needless to say the majority of the people I follow on Instagram are swimwear companies, rather than a bunch of “friends.”  This last week, my Instagram feed has been filled with all these pictures from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: SWIM.  (and yes it was in Miami, July 17-20th, and I had no idea!!)
So because I wasn’t able to make it to the shows, I went to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week website to see what I have missed, and to see what styles I should be looking forward to this coming year.  I was happy to see some picture from some of my favorite brands such as Maaji, Mara Hoffman, and Mikoh.  I have some of their swimsuits and I just adore them!  So this week I have decided to share with all of you some of my favorite types of bikinis and some styles that have been very popular.

One of the more recent trends that I have seen, mostly only on Pintrest or other swimsuit websites, are one piece bikinis.  I know what you’re thinking… one pieces?! The awful tan lines, and the idea that one pieces remind you of older women. I know, I know, and I use to agree with you BUT lately I’ve wanted to try out this new trend for myself. (Clearly I wouldn’t be wearing this one piece to catch a great tan...)  It you haven’t seen them for yourself, you should check them out.  They aren’t has full coverage as you might be thinking, and they might surprise you on how cute they actually are!  Two of my most favorite styles are from Acacia and L Space.
Another more recent trend that I have notice appearing on the beaches of south Florida, as well as in some clothing stores, such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Victoria Secret, are the high-waisted bottom bikinis.  This idea might turn some of you off it you aren’t into the “high-waisted” trend (I am highly into this trend) or if you just prefer a better tan line then these bottoms offer!  Like the one pieces, I was also a little skeptical about this trend too.  I truly love the look and idea of the retro, 60’s swimsuit style, I just don’t know if it is something I would wear to the beach like a normal bikini.

I have saved my favorite trend for last!  Straps and fringe are definitely in the summer! (and not only in bikini form, also in bandeaus and tank tops!)  Fringe tops, such as the ones from L Space, have become very popular, and are seen almost everywhere in a variety of colors and patterns.  Strappy bikini tops have also been on my radar for a couple of months and I cannot wait to get one.  Instead of bathing suit tops tying at the neck like we are use too, these new strappy designed tops cover the back with different kinds of straps, and tie in the front.  This idea might sound foreign if you haven’t seen them before so check out some of my favorites by Mikoh and Acacia.

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