Friday, June 20, 2014

Not Your Grandma's Maxi

Hello my fashion forward followers! I hope summer is treating you as well as it’s treating me!
One of the best feelings of summer is feeling care-free and relaxed.  Sometimes, these feeling are hard to come by, especially for us girls.  We are constantly worried about things in our life, whether it is a boyfriend, school, a job, or our outfits!  (If you all are anything like me, you are not a happy person when you don’t feel good about how you look, and a simple outfit can change your entire mood.)  So the last thing I want to worry about during my summer vacation, after a long day of laying in the sun, is my outfit for a night out on the town.
My FAVORITE kind of outfit is (1) easy to put together and (2) something that is comfortable, yet fashionable.  This is why we are talking maxi’s today!  Before maxi dresses became trendy, the words “maxi dress” would remind me of something my grandma would wear before bed.  (I also had a great grandmother named Maxi, so it was nothing I ever related to be trendy.)  Maxi dresses and maxi skirts have been all over the streets, and for good reason! They are crazy comfortable and they are easy to throw on after a long day at the beach.
Maxi Dresses
So, the dress or the skirt? If you are going for a dress, those are easiest because it’s a dress… no bottoms needed! Maybe just add a few accessories and you are ready to go.  They come in a variety of colors and lengths.  “High-Low” maxis are great if you are a little shorter, or if you don’t like full length dresses.  I enjoy dresses that are very flowy, and not tight or restricting.  One of my favorite stores, Free People, always have the best choices of beach maxis.
Maxi skirts are also a simple and comfy look for summer nights.  These outs require a little more thought but are still just as easy to throw on.  Maxi skirts come in different styles and lengths as well.  My favorite style are the ones that sit higher on the waist with slits running up the side. (This makes walking a little less of a challenge.)  I would then part the skirt with a crop top, or a shorter tank top. Pintrest is great for looking up different ways to pair tops with your favorite maxi skirt.
Maxi Dresses


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