Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fourth of July!

Grab you red, white and blue, my fashion forward followers, Fourth of July is almost here!
Fourth Of July
This is the best way to kick off the summer! When I think of the Fourth, I think of friends and family hanging out pool-side, enjoying all kinds of BBQ and an ice cold beer, followed by the town’s biggest fireworks show.  This being said, my day time outfit consist of my favorite patriotic bikini.  While surfing the web for some cool ideas for American flag bathing suits, I found that my favorite ones were not the topical ones with red, white, and blue stars and stripes, They were the ones that were mix and matched.  Red top and blue bottoms, or white bottoms and a blue top.
You can’t forget to accessorize and pull the entire look together with beaded necklaces, hair ties, and sunglasses. To keep the patriotic flow going, I have found some American flag bandana that I can easily tie in my hair.  You can find them at any type of Party store, Dollar Store, or Wal-Mart!  While you are there, you should also grad some patriotic beads for you and your friends, and if you’re lucky, you will find some American flag sunglasses!
If you are the kind of person who doesn’t hang out pool-side or heads out of the boat, you have even more options for dressing like Uncle Sam.  Some of the best American flag apparel I have seen is from Macy’s Ralph Lauren collection.  They have a wide range from shorts, tanks, hoodies, and even maxi dresses!  While I am watching my fireworks show, I will be wearing some cut off jean shorts, and a crop top with a flag on it that I picked up at my favorite store, Urban Outfitters. This would be a great night to put together an outfit with high waisted shorts, a white top, and red accessories.
It is so much fun going all out for this holiday and truly dressing the part in my red, white, and blue.  The best part, EVERYONE ELSE IS TOO!  So the key is to make it your own!

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